Thursday's News & Ideas - 2/6/2020

  • Graham dropped by UK venues
  • Religion in State of the Union
  • ‘Hate factory’ on Facebook
  • Many filing as churches with IRS
  • Pope: Economy must end poverty
  • Modern alchemy

Evangelist preacher Franklin Graham planned a seven-city UK tour. All seven venues have dropped him
CNN: A planned UK tour by US evangelist Franklin Graham is in question after every venue booked by the preacher canceled planned appearances following an outcry over his homophobic and Islamophobic comments.

Breaking down Trump’s religion-heavy State of the Union
Religion News Service: President Donald Trump delivered a State of the Union address peppered with religious references and ideas, laying out a sweeping vision for the United States that evoked old (and contested) religious ideas.

Far-right ‘hate factory’ still active on Facebook despite pledge to stop it
The Guardian: A network of profit-driven pages fuelling anti-Islamic sentiment was exposed two months ago but is still operating.

What’s a church? That can depend on the eye of the beholder or paperwork filed with the IRS
The Conversation: In spite of being registered with the IRS as “churches,” these organizations and others like them don’t claim to be churches publicly.

Pope Francis: A vibrant economy must put an end to poverty
America: Pope Francis called for a radical change, “a new ethic,” in the organization and management of the world’s economy and finances when he addressed a high-level conference in the Vatican.

The Spark

The modern alchemists racing to create a new element
With the help of enormous atom smashers, scientists are hoping to start an eighth row of the periodic table and discover new atoms that have never been seen before, the BBC says.

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