Thursday's News & Ideas

  • SBC membership drop
  • In God We Trust OK
  • Jimmy Carter 3.0
  • Hmong Episcopal priest
  • What did Jesus speak?
  • Kindergarten bullies

Southern Baptist membership declines for 7th yearAssociated Press: The nation's largest Protestant denomination saw membership decline for the seventh straight year in 2013, according to an annual report released Wednesday.

Atheists lose latest legal fight over 'In God We Trust'Religion News Service: It's a battle atheists have lost several times before, as yet another court affirms that printing and engraving the country's motto on its money does not violate the U.S. Constitution.

Jimmy Carter 3.0: Building a post-presidential legacyReligion News Service: As he nears 90 and the twilight of his public career, scholars are taking yet another look at Jimmy Carter.

Hmong priest finds 'different vision of Christ' in Episcopal churchNational Catholic Reporter: In June 2013, Toua Vang became the first Hmong man in the world to be ordained an Episcopal priest, and is now pastor of the only Hmong-majority Episcopal church anywhere.

Who, What, Why: What language would Jesus have spoken?BBC: Several languages were used in the places where Jesus lived -- so which would he have known?

The Spark

Little children and already acting meanChildren still in kindergarten or even younger form cliques and intentionally exclude others, the Wall Street Journal reports. Psychologists and educators are increasingly noticing the behavior and taking steps to curb it by teaching empathy.

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