Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Evangelical gender-role showdown
  • News through Catholic eyes
  • Liberation theology is back
  • Photos of epic church
  • Biblical counseling
  • Typical U.S. family?

U.S. evangelicals headed for showdown over gender rolesWashington Post: In recent decades, parts of American religion have been transformed by feminism. Now the heart of U.S. evangelicalism may be heading for a gender showdown.

And now, the news through Catholic eyesThe Atlantic: The Boston Globe has launched a separate site dedicated to coverage of the Catholic Church, betting that people want to read about the world through the lens of their religion.

A church for the poorThe New York Times: In a remarkable turnaround, liberation theology is being brought in from the cold.

Divine photos of America's most epic churchesWired: Series of photos by Christoph Morlinghaus is a beautiful study of how religion has long spawned many of the world's most beautiful buildings.

The rise of biblical counselingPacific Standard: For millions of Christians, biblical counselors have replaced psychologists. Some think it's time to reverse course.

The Spark

For the first time since the 1950s, there is no 'typical' U.S. familyWe all know that most children are no longer raised in the 1950's iconic breadwinner father/homemaker mother family. But what we haven't fully understood yet is that today, there is no one "typical" family, the Washington Post reports. "It's really a fanning out into all kinds of family structures."

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