Thursday's News & Ideas - 3/12/2020

  • Mainline fears COVID-19
  • UMC budget cuts
  • When COVID-19 reaches church
  • Dead Sea Scrolls content
  • Climate change skepticism
  • Scary mom stories

Why mainline Protestants might fear COVID-19 the most
Religion News Service: The disease takes the life of nearly 15% of the people that it infects over the age of 80.

Potential split leads to deep budget cuts
United Methodist News Service: Faced with the possible departure of multiple churches, United Methodist leaders are preparing the smallest denominational budget in more than 30 years.

7 lessons from Singapore’s churches for when the coronavirus reaches yours
Christianity Today: Advice on how your congregation can survive -- and thrive -- and amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

Besides biblical texts, what else is written in the Dead Sea Scrolls?
Deseret News: The Dead Sea Scrolls also contain sectarian literature, written and treasured by the groups near the Qumran settlement, where the scrolls were found

The gospel of climate change skepticism
Religion & Politics: Explanations for the skepticism of conservative evangelicals toward climate change are varied, but one popular theory suggests that end-times theology has primed evangelicals for apathy.

The Spark

The internet makes motherhood seem miserable. What if it isn’t?
Scary mom stories* filled me with dread,” Kate Shellnutt writes at The New York Times. “I wish I’d known how delightful I would find having a child.”

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