Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Immigration coalition fracturing?
  • Responding to suicide
  • Shedding stuff
  • Archbishop surprises women
  • Asian Christian century
  • #CrimingWhileWhite

Obama immigration action may split evangelical coalitionUSA Today (RNS): The president’s decision to bypass Congress and act on his own threatens to fracture a broad, and rare, coalition of religious groups that had come together to push for a solution to improving the nation’s immigration system.

The loneliest choiceAmerica: An Episcopal priest shares the story of her mother’s suicide 20 years ago. She says that Christians can offer three things when responding to suicide: "We tell the truth about the reality of human sin, and about God’s mercy embodied in Jesus Christ. We pray. And we offer compassionate presence."

Stockpiling treasures in my junk closet Her.meneutics blog: In this season of consumption, writer Margot Starbuck is going minimalist. After getting rid of 1,000 items in her home, she feels “liberated to respond to [Jesus’] voice because I’m less tied to what I own.”

Thank God for female bishopsThe New Yorker: At first, women in the Anglican Church were worried about an evangelical in Lambeth Palace -- especially one who had worshipped at Holy Trinity Brompton, known as the biggest, richest parish church in England. Welby surprised them all.

The rise of Christianity in AsiaAustralian Broadcasting Corp.: Is this the Asian Christian century? Reporter Masako Fukui tracks the trend of rising Christianity in Asia, and explains why it's emerged.

The Spark

The Eric Garner decision and #CrimingWhileWhiteOne of the best things about social media is that it gives us the chance to listen in on conversations we never could have otherwise heard, writes Religion News Service blogger Laura Turner. She urges people to look at the Twitter hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite. In response to two grand jury decisions not to indict officers who killed black suspects, white people are admitting times they committed crimes and received no or very light punishment from police.

Update: African Americans share their stories in response with the hashtag #AliveWhileBlack.

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