Thursday's News & Ideas

  • How to learn persistence, creativity and thrift: from the poor
  • How can a CEO turn around a company--fast?
  • How is running a university different in the UK than the US?

Mideast’s Christians declining in influenceNew York Times: Christians used to be a vital force in the Middle East. But a region that a century ago was 20 percent Christian is about 5 percent today and dropping.

How to read the BibleNational Cathedral: Walter Brueggemann joins Cathedral Dean Samuel T. Lloyd III for a look at reading the Bible nearly two millennia after it was written. Available in video or audio format.

Faith in the poorKnowledge@Wharton: Affluent people underestimate the abilities of the poor, says Alex Counts of the Grameen Foundation. Living on $1 or $2 a day hones persistence, creativity and thrift, the very skills that make for a good entrepreneur.

Both sides of the pondInsideHigherEd: As Cambridge University celebrates its 800th anniversary, vice chancellor Alison Richard celebrates the university’s present, not just its history. Richard, a former Yale provost, discusses the state of higher education in a podcast interview.

The world's best CEOsSalon: The remarkable turnarounds of Fiat, Boeing and Hewlitt-Packard demonstrate that a good CEO can change a company’s trajectory -- fast.

The Spark

'Odious Column' of Metal

Tomorrow, the Eiffel Tower celebrates its 120th anniversary. The tower is so beloved that few today remember the storm of vitriol, mockery and lawsuits provoked by its selection as the startling centerpiece of the 1889 Paris Exposition Universelle.