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  • Economic justice for the religious left
  • Historic church fights bankruptcy
  • Faith & football
  • Peace at home
  • Hollywood & heaven
  • Giving up

The religious left is struggling: Can the cause of economic justice help it rise again?Washington Post: A report from the Brookings Institution argues that religious progressives could be heading for a renaissance if they can focus on what some see as the civil rights issue of our time: economic justice.

Historic Roxbury church agrees to sell community centerBoston Globe: Charles Street African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historic and influential Roxbury congregation, has agreed to sell the community center, once at the heart of its plans to grow and rejuvenate the neighborhood, in order to pay its creditors and emerge from bankruptcy.

Clemson coach accused of pushing religion on football teamCBS News: The Freedom from Religion Foundation says Coach Dabo Swinney has encouraged a culture that promotes Christianity.ESPN: Dabo Swinney: All faiths are welcome

Pastor’s handling of family is crucial, tooThe Sumter Item: Those who hold a position of authority in the church must strive for peace in their homes if they are to expect it in their congregation.

What Hollywood gets wrong about heavenCNN Belief blog: Depictions of journeys to heaven have never been more numerous or more popular.

The Spark

Making better decisions: Redefining giving upOne of the hardest decisions to make is when to give up. In fact, “giving up” seems like a taboo, which can weigh heavily on how we see ourselves and how we fear others see us. In a 5-part series, Big Think explores the value in being able to stop and decide to move in a new direction.

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