Thursday's News & Ideas - 4/1/2021

  • Evangelical donor in controversy
  • Loritts & abuse allegations
  • Rifts in American Catholic Church
  • LDS guidelines on vaccines
  • Black church & BLM
  • Jackie Robinson’s death

Billionaire at the center of a Wall Street fiasco gives millions to evangelical ministries*
The Washington Post: The collapse of a billionaire’s family investment firm that has some asking whether Wall Street learned its lesson from past financial crises has sparked a different debate among some evangelical leaders over ethical investing.
Christianity Today: Wall Street crisis could cost evangelical orgs

Guidepost report: Bryan Loritts mishandled abuse allegations at former church but did not cover them up
Religion News Service: A new report shows how much churches still need to learn about dealing with abuse.

Joe Biden’s presidency has highlighted the rifts in the American Catholic Church*
TIME: While Biden’s faith is deeply felt, his election has exposed divisions at the highest levels of the Catholic Church.

Vaccinations ‘protect health and preserve life,’ Latter-day Saint handbook update says
Deseret News: The latest update in the project to streamline the handbook of policies and instructions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints reemphasizes the First Presidency’s long-standing support for vaccinations.

Where does the Black church fit in today’s Black Lives Matter movement?
PBS: Some young activists today are trying to keep the connection between social justice movements and the church.

The Spark

Did racism kill Jackie Robinson?
The athletic hero and civil rights champion died at age 53, almost blind, from a heart attack, with underlying diabetes and associated complications, The Conversation says.

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