Thursday's News & Ideas - 4/18/2019

  • Poll: low church membership
  • Rabbi Sacks on Passover
  • Burned La. churches' fund 
  • Bishop Curry on leadership
  • Preachers & sneakers
  • Fictional teens & cults

U.S. church membership down sharply in past two decades
Gallup: The percentage of Americans who report belonging to a church, synagogue or mosque at an all-time low, averaging 50% in 2018.

From slavery to freedom: Rediscovering the meaning of Passover
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Passover is the journey each of us is invited to take from slavery to freedom, writes Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

Notre Dame fundraising efforts inspire people to donate nearly $2 million to rebuild burned Louisiana churches
CNN: As hundreds of millions of dollars roll in to rebuild the Notre Dame, people have been inspired to donate to three churches in Louisiana that were intentionally burned down.

Life's work: An interview with Bishop Michael Curry
Harvard Business Review: HBR talks to the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church about his career and leadership.

Let he who is without Yeezys cast the first stone
The New York Times: Should pastors wear $5,000 sneakers? There's been soul-searching recently over materialism in houses of worship.

The Spark

Why are so many fictional teens entering cults?
Authors tell Literary Hub, "In times of unrest, absolute answers become particularly appealing."

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