Thursday's News & Ideas - 4/25/2019

  • No war on Christianity
  • Pew on religious discrimination
  • UMC judicial council meets
  • Prophets and profits
  • Museum for Italian Judaism
  • Baseball’s weirdest pitch

Is there a war against Christianity?
Religion News Service: The use of the term “Easter worshiper,” however awkward, is not part of a war against Christianity, or a desire to erase the Christian faith of the victims.

Sharp rise in the share of Americans saying Jews face discrimination
Pew: The public sees widespread discrimination against several racial, ethnic and religious groups in the U.S. including Muslims and Jews.

Why United Methodists are watching the results of a denominational court meeting
Religion News Service: The Judicial Council is determining the “constitutionality, meaning, application and effect” of the Traditional Plan.

If Jeff Bezos wants to be ‘disruptive’, he should listen to biblical prophets
America: Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos talk about being “innovators” and “disrupters,” but really they are not -- not in truly world-shaking ways.

A new museum explores 2,000 years of Jewish life in Italy
The New York Times: The new Museum of Italian Judaism and the Shoah in Ferrara explores the long and complex relationship between Christianity and Judaism.

The Spark

The history behind baseball’s weirdest pitch
Tyler Kepner describes the improbable success of the curveball in an excerpt of his book on Literary Hub.

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