Thursday's News & Ideas - 4/8/2021

  • Faith numbers in 2020 vote
  • Moore on ‘complementarianism’
  • $1.6M parsonage
  • Life after resurrection
  • Narrative of white evangelicals
  • Isolation vs positivity

Faith in numbers: Trump held steady among believers at the ballot -- it was the nonreligious vote he lost in 2020
The Conversation: For all the predictions and talk of a slump in support among evangelicals, it appears Donald Trump’s election loss was not at the hands of religious voters.

Beth Moore apologizes for her role in elevating ‘complementarian’ theology that limits women leaders
Religion News Service: In an email to Religion News Service, Moore didn’t go quite so far as to say she has entirely abandoned complementarianism. But she no longer sees it as essential.

Pastor running for New Jersey governor lives in luxury $1.6M home -- tax free
Politico: A longshot candidate for New Jersey governor turned his well-appointed home into a parsonage and is now living in it free of property taxes.

Life after resurrection*
Christian Century: Salvation is not a place but a way of life.

Have white evangelicals finally lost control of the narrative?
Religion Dispatches: The PR-savvy, connections, rebranding skills, and deep-pocketed lobby possessed by elite evangelicals make for a far from level playing field, and elite evangelicals have used these advantages to maintain a “respectable” image for evangelicalism.

The Spark

How the pandemic’s lack of connection affected our ability to think positively
Our brains crave relationships,* while social isolation triggers a pain response, Fast Company says.

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