Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Pope in Asia
  • Church sues JPMorgan Chase
  • Pastor in Spokane
  • Prayer & anxiety
  • Music from a desert monastery
  • Confusion as a way to learn

Pope Francis reaches out to China as he begins Asia tripWashington Post: Hopes for thawing relations between China and the Vatican were dashed as Chinese officials block some Catholics from participating in the pope's visit to South Korea.

Christ Church Cathedral claims JPMorgan mismanaged trust fundsThe Indianapolis Star: Lawsuit alleges $13 million was wasted on bad investments and exorbitant fees because of JPMorgan Chase and Co.'s self-dealing and mismanagement of two church trust funds.

Unusual jobs: Pastor's work takes her beyond church wallsThe (Spokane, Wash.) Spokesman-Review: Spend a little time with Larson Andrews and it quickly becomes clear that she loves her job, her calling and her flock.

When prayer makes anxiety worseThe Atlantic: Several new studies show that praying might help alleviate worries -- but only if the person has a secure relationship with God.

Soul-searching music from a serene desert monasteryNPR: For composer Robert Kyr, the silence of a desert monastery is key to the radiant music on his new disc of recent choral works.

The Spark

Confuse students to help them learnClarity has always seemed to be the best way to make a classroom lesson stick. But as the Chronicle of Higher Education reports, confusion, in the right circumstances, can also help students learn, prompting them to work through impasses and arrive at a more nuanced understanding of the world.

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