Thursday's News & Ideas - 5/28/2020

  • Fauci urges common sense for churches
  • What we mean by ‘sacrifice’
  • Lessons from remote Ramadan
  • America’s brutal fault lines
  • WA guidelines for churches
  • Stories from the front lines

Dr. Anthony Fauci: To keep churches safe, use masks, limit singing and wait to resume Communion*
America: As states around the country begin to ease stay-at-home orders, Dr. Anthony Fauci said churches should adopt “common sense” measures to protect worshippers and the wider community, like requiring masks, practicing social distancing and prohibiting singing.

What we actually mean by ‘sacrifice’ during the pandemic makes all the difference
Religion Dispatches: Sacrificial ideas don’t just seem to be everywhere right now: they are.

What Muslim digital community organizers learned from a remote Ramadan
Religion News Service: Participants quickly realized they had tapped into something special -- not just a replacement for mosques -- by going online.

As 100,000 die, the virus lays bare America's brutal fault lines – race, gender, poverty and broken politics
The Guardian: The US’s brutal fault lines -- of race, partisanship, gender, poverty and misinformation -- rendered it ill-prepared to meet the challenges of Covid-19.

Washington houses of worship allowed to hold services under Inslee’s coronavirus guidance plan
Seattle Times: The guidelines will allow up to 100 people, excluding religious staff, to meet outdoors at the property of a faith organization anywhere in the state.

The Spark

A nurse went to New York to work on the front lines -- and to find the firefighter who saved her life over 36 years ago
For more than three decades, Deirdre Taylor only knew the firefighter* who saved her life through a grainy black-and-white front page from Dec. 30, 1983, The Washington Post says.

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