Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Why clergy matter
  • Moneyball for religion?
  • Francis' long game
  • Women lag in evangelical nonprofits
  • Atheists in foxholes
  • Routine & ceremony

3 reasons clergy matter now more than everHuffington Post: Clergy matter because they can transmit truths and practices that bring meaning to life, truths that often stand in contrast to the conventions of the larger culture, says Rabbi Evan Moffic.

Moneyball for religion? Why your church should rethink its numbersReligion News Service: Can there be a moneyball for religion? Is there, like in baseball, a hidden way of doing things that should be measured?

Pope Francis plays long game to reform Catholic ChurchReuters: After winning praise around the world for his fresh and open style, the honeymoon period seems to be over for Pope Francis.

In evangelical nonprofits, women leaders lag behind peers in general marketReligion News Service: A new study has confirmed what many have long suspected -- that many evangelical institutions lag far behind the general marketplace in leadership roles for women.

Atheists in foxholes: The military chaplaincy's humanist problemReligion & Politics: The issue of how to meet the needs of non-theists in the military is neither new nor incidental.

The Spark

How we form our routinesWhether it's a morning cup of coffee or a glass of warm milk before bed, we all have our habitual processions. But as Pacific Standard reports, the way they become engrained varies from person to person.

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