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  • Faith & universities
  • Paradoxes of progressive Christianity
  • Jewish Cardinal
  • New principles of leadership
  • Get on the road
  • Family dinner ordeal

Life worth living: Christian faith and the crisis of the universitiesAustralian Broadcasting Corporation: Though flourishing in many ways, universities -- even top tier ones -- are also in a crisis that touches the very core of their mission, Miroslav Volf says.

Obama and the paradoxes of progressive Christianity: An interview with James Kloppenberg Religion & Politics: Attempts to establish a particular theology as the single authentic Christian version are unconvincing, says Charles Warren Professor of American History at Harvard University.

Who knew? The late Cardinal John O'Connor's mother was born JewishReligion News Service: Now research into Cardinal John O'Connor's family tree has found that his affinity for Judaism apparently went deeper than even he knew.

The new principles of leadershipBig Think: In today's world of technology-driven transformation, leaders need to embrace a new leadership principle if they want their organization to be relevant today and in the future.

Get on the road: The case for taking a pilgrimageU.S. Catholic: Pilgrimages prove that in order to move your soul, you usually need to move your feet as well.

The Spark

The wretched table: how dinner in America became an ordealThe ideals of family life can sometimes clash with harsh and painful realities. And some of those clashes come at mealtime, a scholar who studies American family life tells Pacific-Standard. "In the United States we so 'Norman Rockwell' that moment, but it actually can be pretty tense to bring family members together."

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