Thursday's News & Ideas - 5/9/2019

  • Catholics force reporting
  • Asia Bibi released
  • Trump spiritual adviser plans
  • Women pastors & God-talk
  • RHE tributes continued
  • Flying dinosaurs

Pope issues law to force priests and nuns to report sexual abuse
Associated Press: All Catholic priests and nuns will be required to report abuse and cover-ups by superiors.

Asia Bibi, Pakistani Christian woman acquitted of blasphemy, arrives in Canada
NPR: The Pakistani Christian woman spent years on death row after being convicted of blasphemy.

Paula White, Trump’s spiritual adviser, leaves Florida church with new ambitions
HuffPost: The televangelist, who has defended the White House, is stepping down as head of New Destiny Christian Center to start 3,000 churches and open a university.

Women as pastoral leaders render a different vision of God
Baptist News Global: Women have seen the connection between the language we use for God and whether they have equal authority in ministry.

Why Rachel Held Evans meant so much to so many
BuzzFeed News: The popular Christian writer, who died Saturday, knew that asking questions wasn’t anathema to faith.

The Spark

Another bat-winged dinosaur has been found
The Ambopteryx had a long wristbone that likely supported leathery membranes allowing it to glide between trees, Ed Yong at The Atlantic reports.

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