Thursday's News & Ideas - 6/25/2020

  • Not ready to return to church
  • Condemning white supremacy
  • Liberty’s racial reckoning
  • How the left talks Christianity
  • London more religious than UK
  • Heroes of the pandemic?

Survey: Most Americans aren’t comfortable going back to religious services
Religion News Service: A new study examining Americans’ response to COVID-19 shows that with the exception of white evangelicals, a majority of Americans are not comfortable returning to in-person religious services.

The Black church has always resisted anti-Blackness
Sojourners: On the 155th observance of Juneteenth, a collective of Black church pastors and theologians released a theological statement to “emphatically repudiate the evil beast of white racism, white supremacy, white superiority and its concomitant and abiding anti-Black violence.”

Evangelical Liberty U rattled by its own racial reckoning
Associated Press: As the nation wrestles with how to do more for racial equality, Liberty University -- a school whose leadership has said it doesn’t have a problem -- is facing its own tough questions.

Is there a better way for the left to talk about American Christianity?
Literary Hub: Marie Mutsuki Mockett on the intersection of justice and faith.

London more religious than rest of Britain, report finds
The Guardian: Almost two-thirds of people in capital identify as religious compared with 53% in the rest of UK, according to new research.

The Spark

‘Heroes, right?’
Anthony Almojera for The Washington Post, on being a New York City paramedic* and the injustices of COVID-19.

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