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  • Seminary: Not just for clergy anymore
  • The good news from the UK
  • Leader as revolutionary
  • Multi-site churches
  • End-of-life phobia

Economic squeeze produces a new kind of seminarianReligion News Service:  As theological schools cope with financial stress, they’re getting a much-needed boost from unconventional students.The lost Christians have found new homesThe (London) Telegraph: UK’s Christians now actually thinking about what they believe and why -- which is good news.The (London) Guardian: Where have all believers gone?Leadership caffeine: Dare to be different -- If you dareManagement Excellence: The best leaders are quiet revolutionaries who dare to be different. Multi-site churches: A new variety of religious experienceUSA Today:  Megachurches with two or more locations under the same leadership made up 37 percent of U.S. Protestant churches and 67 percent of the 100 largest in 2008.Irish bishop resigns after sex abuse scandalAssociated Press: Pope accepts the resignation of bishop who was heavily criticized in an Irish investigation of clergy sex abuse of children and a church hierarchy cover-up.

The Spark

Ending end-of-life phobia: A prescription for enlightened health care reformAs health care reform legislation has moved through Congress, debate has raged over several topics, including prescription plans, physician reimbursement and solutions for the medical liability problem. But one aspect of the health care system has been remarkably absent from the debate: end-of-life care. Given that patients with terminal illness require a disproportionate concentration of expenditures, the silence is deafening, Dr. Benjamin Corn writes in the New England Journal of Medicine. “Why has it been so difficult to initiate a dialogue about matters pertaining to a subject that defines the human experience?”