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  • Hardball at General Seminary
  • What Americans pray for
  • Harlem church endures
  • Taking hit for Francis
  • Brazil's evangelicals
  • Inner child dream jobs

Seeking dean's firing, seminary professors end up joblessThe New York Times: Seminary dispute seems to be a tale of hardball negotiating tactics gone awry, and mistrust between the faculty, the dean and the board of trustees.Daily Episcopalian: Power and authority -- at GTS and in the church

What do Americans pray for? Themselves. And maybe a sports teamReligion News Service: When Americans aren't praying for themselves or their own needs, many are seeking divine intervention for their favorite team or a winning lottery ticket.

After 90 years, a Harlem church vows to endure amid relentless changeThe New York Times: Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church is determined, even defiant, as Harlem becomes whiter, more affluent and ever less moored to its black heritage.

Taking the hit for Francis?Commonweal: Those hostile to the way Pope Francis is governing the Vatican and the universal church have placed the bull's eye on the backs of several of his close advisers.

Brazil's evangelicals become a political force to be reckoned withThe (London) Guardian: US-style churches gaining popularity in traditionally Catholic country and could choose next president.

The Spark

5 dream jobs that will make your inner child extremely jealousMany of us gave up on becoming Lego builders and game testers long ago, but as Fast Company reports, a few among us are living out our 8-year-old dreams.

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