Thursday's News & Ideas

  • Rev. Ike, 1935-2009
  • Evangelicals, individualism and marriage
  • Shakespeare on leadership
  • Why cheap is no bargain

Reverend Ike, who preached riches, dies at 74The New York Times:  The Rev. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter II, aka “Reverend Ike,” the flamboyant minister who preached the blessings of material prosperity, died Tuesday.

Texas Baptists test-launch statewide Bible distribution planAssociated Baptist Press:  Baptists in El Paso, Texas, are distributing nearly 250,000 CDs in a campaign to share the gospel with every un-churched person in the state.

Will they come when you call? Shakespeare's leadership challengeThe Washington Post, On Leadership blog:  Few writers beat Shakespeare in provoking reflections on leadership, especially in his plays about King Henry the Fifth.

Gordian 'knot' for evangelicalsThe Washington Times:  Religion columnist Julia Duin says evangelical Protestants are not into inconveniencing themselves early on with children.

God and majorsInside Higher Ed:  National study tracks changes in religiosity by students in various courses of study and finds positive link between religiosity and going to college.

The Spark

When cheap is no bargainEllen Ruppel Shell, a journalism professor at Boston University, once enjoyed a bargain as much as the rest of us, maybe more. But, as she discovered in writing her new book, “Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture,” there are problems with the cheap underwear, cheap watches, cheap shoes and cheap stuff in its numerous iterations. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, she explains the high cost of Americans’ mania for good deals.