Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/11/2019

  • Harassment led to Butler leaving?
  • Fired IN teacher sues church
  • Dutch churches converted
  • Millennial use of astrology
  • UK secularism
  • New fossil rewrites history

She led a famed progressive church. Then she said she was harassed.
The New York Times: The governing council dismissed Dr. Butler by not renewing her contract, shocking the 1,750-member congregation and touching off a wrenching debate about sexism, harassment and hypocrisy.

An Indiana teacher is suing his archdiocese, saying he was fired from a Catholic school for being gay
CNN: A former Catholic school teacher is suing the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, saying that he was fired because of his sexual orientation.

One-fifth of all Dutch churches are now secular buildings
HuffPost: Churches in the Netherlands have been converted into community centers, museums, apartment buildings and even gyms.

How millennials replaced religion with astrology and crystals
LA Times: Many millennials have turned away from traditional organized religion and are embracing more spiritual beliefs and practices like tarot, astrology, meditation, energy healing and crystals.

UK secularism on rise as more than half say they have no religion
The Guardian: 1% of young people identify as Church of England, and atheism is growing, a survey finds.

The Spark

The story of humans and Neanderthals in Europe is being rewritten
The 210,000-year-old skull is the oldest Homo sapiens fossil found outside Africa, Ed Yong at The Atlantic reports.

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