Thursday's News & Ideas - 7/16/2020

  • LA Catholic schools to open
  • Shut down worship until 2021?
  • Rumi in a pandemic
  • Not singing together
  • One neighborhood on BLM
  • Pandemic disrupts mothers’ careers

In Los Angeles, Catholic schools plan to resume in-person classes, while public schools go online
Religion News Service: The Archdiocese of Los Angeles on Wednesday (July 15) told Religion News Service it would continue with plans to resume in-person instruction for its Catholic schools throughout Los Angeles, Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

More pastors agree with Andy Stanley: No worship services until 2021
Christianity Today: Now 5 percent of church leaders say they don’t expect to reopen for the rest of the year.

What would Rumi do in a pandemic?
Vox: Muslim mystics believed suffering and solitude can make us better people.

Coronavirus: Singing church members ‘miss companionship’
BBC: Churches and chapels in Wales can gradually start to re-open from this past Monday -- but members say they will miss the companionship of singing together.

Opposition to couple’s BLM sign inspires neighborhood unity
Baptist News Global: Not only did Erin Palmer and Jonathan Redding keep the “offensive” sign in their yard, they added a few more and embarked on a get-to-know-your-neighbor campaign that has generated new friendships and several new BLM signs in the neighborhood.

The Spark

‘They go to mommy first’
The pandemic is disproportionately* disrupting mothers’ careers, The New York Times says.

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