Thursday's News & Ideas

  • 1st interfaith papal delegation
  • NC lawsuit & marriage equality
  • Mentoring as an honor
  • Atheism as religion
  • Banderas as Pope Francis?
  • Original Godzilla no joke

Jew, Muslim join pope's delegation in Holy LandAssociated Press: A rabbi and a Muslim leader will join Pope Francis on his upcoming trip to the Holy Land, the first time an official papal delegation has included members of other faiths.

Marriage equality and religious liberty: Another chapter in the storyReligion & Politics: North Carolina lawsuit raises a number of new questions about the marriage equality movement and sharpens some existing ones.

Not all older Christians want to be your mentorChristianity Today: Robin Jones Gunn on how she grew to see mentorship as an honor rather than a burden.

Atheists didn't fail to expel God from schools. They proved they are a religionThe (London) Guardian: Humanist claims to have superceded "religion" should be treated with the same kind of scepticism as Islam's claim to have superceded Christianity.

Antonio Banderas may be cast as Pope Francis in biopicReligion News Service: Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas may be cast in the role of Pope Francis in the first feature film to be made on the life of the Argentine pontiff.

The Spark

Godzilla: why the Japanese original is no jokeHow could Japan take a man in a rubber suit so seriously? As Gareth Edwards's Godzilla is released, Tim Martin of The (London) Telegraph looks at the nuclear nightmares that created the 1954 original.

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