Thursday's News & Ideas - 8/29/2019

  • Church of the arts
  • ‘American Heretics’ film
  • Stained glass renaissance
  • Ibram Kendi book
  • White money & black power
  • Android priest

A Durham, NC, church sees the arts as its North Star
Religion News Service: The monthly service at North Star Church of the Arts is the latest venture by one of Durham’s most acclaimed residents, architect Phil Freelon, before he died last month, and his wife, singer, jazz vocalist and composer Nnenna Freelon.

“American Heretics”: Blue Christians in a red state
Religion & Politics: As it weaves its story, the film American Heretics constructs a conservative Christianity against which its progressive stars can shine in rural America. But it’s a construction.

The divine resurrection of stained glass
New York Times: Once the language of devotion and prayer, the medium finds a new place in the modern world.

What racism is -- and how to mobilize against it
Christian Century: People already engaged in conversations about racial justice may find Ibram Kendi's analysis surprising.

When white philanthropy funded black power*
SSIR: A 1970s partnership between wealthy white liberals and black activists illustrates the tensions of race and power in philanthropy.

The Spark

The android priest that's revolutionizing Buddhism
A 400-year-old Japanese temple has brought in a robot named Mindar to preach sermons, CNN reports.

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