Thursday's News & Ideas

  • End of the offering plate?
  • Hauerwas drops GTS lectures
  • Sex, marriage & Catholic Church
  • Last chance for CoE
  • Marilynne Robinson on faith & writing
  • My favorite picture of you

What will the end of the offering plate mean for Christian worship?On Faith: Passing the plate has a short history. It may have a short future, too.

Stanley Hauerwas drops out of General Theological Seminary lecture series after controversyReligion News Service: Christian ethicist said he does not want to get in the middle of a controversy involving the resignations or firings of eight faculty.

Sex, marriage and the Catholic ChurchThe (London) Guardian: It's not easy being a feminist and Catholic, and a Vatican power struggle could make things worse.

Linda Woodhead: The Church of England is on its last chanceChristian Today: Leading academic says the Church of England must make some hard decisions about clergy and parishes if it is to have a future.

Interview: Marilynne Robinson on the language of faith in writingReligion News Service: What are you afraid of? That's what Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson asks writers who shy away from writing about faith.

The Spark

My favorite picture of youAs we grow older, some memories linger while others recede. At Aeon, "My Favorite Picture of You" takes on a lifetime of memories in under four minutes, as an elderly husband and wife recall moments shared together over the years.

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