Thursday's News & Ideas - 9/10/2020

  • Trump ties funding to faith rights
  • Rev. Gil Caldwell dies
  • Baylor & Southwestern sue foundation
  • U.S. teens & parents’ religion
  • Battle of Baptists over slavery
  • The sky turned orange

New Trump rule ties college funding to speech, faith rights
Associated Press: The Trump administration is moving forward with a policy that expands protections for religious groups on college campuses and threatens to cut federal education funding to colleges that violate free speech rules.

Rev. Gil Caldwell, civil rights pioneer, dies
United Methodist News Service: Caldwell tirelessly and nonviolently advocated for both racial and LGBTQ equality -- even when doing so put him at odds with prevailing state and church laws. As he saw it, he was following the call of Jesus to be inclusive.

Baylor, Southwestern Baptist sue to wrest control from ‘rogue’ foundation with ties to Paige Patterson
Religion News Service: Two Baptist schools in Texas have sued a charitable foundation they say is trying to misuse millions of dollars in assets.

U.S. teens take after their parents religiously, attend services together and enjoy family rituals
Pew Research: American adolescents often participate at parents’ behest, and tend to be less religious in more personal, private ways.

Baptist Calvinists defend slavery of Southern Seminary founders
Baptist News Global: As some Black Southern Baptists urge their denomination’s flagship seminary to remove honors to enslavers, prominent white Calvinists associated with the school are defending not only the founders but even slavery.

The Spark

The day the sky turned orange
As Western wildfires transformed the skies over San Francisco into an apocalyptic spectacle, the perils of climate change became impossible to ignore, CityLab says.

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