Thursday's News & Ideas - 9/5/2019

  • Evangelicals & guns
  • Podcast on messy religion
  • Pope ‘honored’ by arguments
  • Crystal cathedral
  • LifeWay books in more stores
  • Car Talk’s long goodbye

Odessa, Texas mass shooting responses tie together evangelical Christians and guns
NBC: When guns evoke such positive (even sacred) feelings of security and national belonging, is it any wonder that so many evangelicals refuse to consider gun control?

Public radio’s ‘Preach’ podcast explores religion’s messy side
Religion News Service: Religion is messy, says Lee Hale, a reporter at KUER, the NPR station in Salt Lake City. And for many Americans, that messiness is something to celebrate, not sweep under the carpet.

Pope says ‘it is an honor that Americans attack me’
CNN: Pope Francis, who has tussled with the American president, American capitalists and American Catholics during his six years as pope, seems unfazed by the disputes.

How a drive-in megachurch became a Catholic cathedral
CityLab: Designed by an acclaimed architect for a famous televangelist, a unique church in Southern California has been transformed.

LifeWay’s stores are closing. But its Christian books will be in more stores than ever.
Christianity Today: Independent retailers are signing up to be authorized dealers for the chain’s bestsellers from Beth Moore, David Platt, Priscilla Shirer, and more.

The Spark

Car Talk's long goodbye
Car Talk had a soothingly predictable quality to it, but all good things must come to an end. Jalopnik traces the story of its farewell.

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