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Money raised through the Rare Genomics Institute is funding Robert Stone's whole-genome sequencing. His family hopes this will help them understand the disease that began affecting him around 13 months. Photo courtesy of the Stone family

Orphan diseases find a champion

Jimmy Lin -- a scientist and part-time seminarian -- founded the Rare Genomics Institute to blend science research with crowdfunding to help families of children with rare diseases.

Photo courtesy of Elevation Burger

Elevating fast food

Is it possible to change the world one organic hamburger at a time? The founders of the Elevation Burger chain are going to try. They felt called to build on the positive aspects of the fast-food model to create an Earth-friendlier restaurant that offers healthier food at affordable prices.


Traditioned Innovation

Leadership Education at Duke Divinity teaches a way of thinking that holds the past and future in tension, not in opposition.
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