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Hannah Terry, left, holding the microphone, leads prayer at a Wednesday night gathering at the Los Arcos apartment complex in Southwest Houston. As part of Westbury UMC's innovative ministry, Terry lives nearby in intentional Christian community. Photo courtesy of Westbury UMC

Tips to support the innovators in your midst

Learn from seasoned leaders and books strategies to identify and nurture talented people and ideas.

Candle burning

The addition of a contemplative Saturday evening service was part of a radical change in the worship life of Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church. Photos by Tom Wallace

A Minneapolis congregation finds new life through the ancient practice of keeping Sabbath

Lake Nokomis Presbyterian Church has placed Sabbath keeping at the heart of its life together. Two Sundays a month, they take a rest from work and obligations -- and even the Sunday service.

Service in St. John the Evangelist monastery

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist, an Episcopal monastery in Harvard Square, offers worship and hospitality to visitors. In addition, the organization has become a creator and distributor of free online resources to guide spiritual formation.
Photos courtesy of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Ancient practices meet new technology when Episcopal monks share wisdom online

The Society of St. John the Evangelist monks -- who don’t use social media themselves -- have developed a worldwide following by offering spiritual guidance on the Internet.

Katie Boody doing a presentation about Lean Lab

Lean Lab events focus on asking questions and coming up with solutions from people at the bottom of the flowchart, an approach that has helped open up a large institution to new ideas.
Photos courtesy of The Lean Lab

Innovation incubator empowers teachers and others to create change in Kansas City schools

By encouraging innovation, The Lean Lab shows that change is possible even in large institutions. The nonprofit is creating an interdisciplinary community among people who often feel isolated and expected to do the impossible.

Antique spinning wheel

Bigstock/Maren Winter

Gretchen E. Ziegenhals: Everything old is new again

As Christian leaders, how can we recognize and honor both the new and innovative and the old that grounds and roots the new? A managing director at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity ponders this when she sells an antique spinning wheel.


Traditioned Innovation

Leadership Education at Duke Divinity teaches a way of thinking that holds the past and future in tension, not in opposition.
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