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Katie Boody doing a presentation about Lean Lab

Lean Lab events focus on asking questions and coming up with solutions from people at the bottom of the flowchart, an approach that has helped open up a large institution to new ideas.
Photos courtesy of The Lean Lab

Innovation incubator empowers teachers and others to create change in Kansas City schools

By encouraging innovation, The Lean Lab shows that change is possible even in large institutions. The nonprofit is creating an interdisciplinary community among people who often feel isolated and expected to do the impossible.

Paul Grogan with schoolchildren

Paul S. Grogan, president of the Boston Foundation, visits with students in a school supported by the foundation, which  works with community members, state and local governments, and other institutions to improve health and vitality of greater Boston.
Images courtesy of the Boston Foundation

Paul S. Grogan: How a community foundation becomes a civic leader

The Boston Foundation envisions its role as more than just a philanthropy; it also serves as a civic leader, says the foundation president in this Q&A.