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Black and white photo of woman directing a church choir

Harriet Ziegenhals was an organist, singer, pianist, composer, arranger, teacher and the founder-director of the Community Renewal Chorus, part of a faith-based Chicago mission agency that advocates for social and economic justice. Photo courtesy of Gretchen Ziegenhals

Gretchen E. Ziegenhals: Learning leadership through the metaphor of music

Years of watching her mother direct a chorus taught the author that leading a diverse community requires radical acceptance of all people, careful listening and a clear vision.


Nathan Kirkpatrick: What difference do you want to make?

Congregations and institutions must name a vision and choose priorities that support it. Otherwise, they risk muddying their missions, weakening their impact, and confusing stakeholders, funders, and staff, writes a managing director at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

Muppets Statler and Waldorf / Muppets Wikia

Nathan Kirkpatrick: Critics need love

Leaders often find themselves targets of critique from those in the “cheap seats.” The best response is to show the kind of love that beckons the critics to self-examination, confession and repentance, writes a managing director at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.



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