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Dave Odom: The audience comes first

An effective communications strategy begins with knowing your audience -- its demographics, needs and habits -- before figuring out what and how you want to communicate, writes the executive director of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

DRC Julienne Lusenge with Leymah Gbowee and women 2014

Oak Foundation supports initiatives around the world, including the Nobel Women's Initiative, which uses the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize to increase the power and visibility of women's groups working globally for peace, justice and equality.
Photo courtesy of the Nobel Women's Initiative

Kathleen Cravero: Leadership offers the opportunity to influence

Being the professional director of a family foundation requires a special set of skills, including deep listening and understanding why others hold the positions they do, says the president of Oak Foundation.

Katie Boody doing a presentation about Lean Lab

Lean Lab events focus on asking questions and coming up with solutions from people at the bottom of the flowchart, an approach that has helped open up a large institution to new ideas.
Photos courtesy of The Lean Lab

Innovation incubator empowers teachers and others to create change in Kansas City schools

By encouraging innovation, The Lean Lab shows that change is possible even in large institutions. The nonprofit is creating an interdisciplinary community among people who often feel isolated and expected to do the impossible.



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