New forms of church

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The Fondren Apartment Ministry and Westbury UMC reflect the changing face of Houston and America. Photos by Mark Mulligan

Westbury UMC's apartment ministry has helped resettled refugees -- and the congregation -- find new life in Houston

The church is located in one of the most multicultural cities in America, yet the congregation was not as engaged with its diverse neighbors as it could have been. That changed when they hired an associate pastor to live in intentional community in apartments three miles and a whole world away.

Beer and Hymns

The Gathering is a congregation in Fargo, North Dakota, that is trying to meet people where they are -- literally and figuratively. Because they don't have a church building, worship, meetings and study sessions take place in a variety of places, including Beer & Hymns at a local brewing company.
Photos by Kaylyn Stroh

Cody Schuler: Doing life together centered on Jesus

The Gathering in Fargo, North Dakota, is a year-old United Methodist congregation that doesn’t have a building to call its own. What it does have, says its pastor in an interview, is a desire to welcome people who don’t feel comfortable in traditional church.

Daniella Kim, Katey Hage and Jeanie Denman sing at the first service of the merged Quest Church and former Interbay Covenant Church in 2007. Photos courtesy of Quest Church

Coming together for the kingdom

Seven years ago, one Seattle church sacrificed itself to another for the benefit of future generations in a remarkable story of trust, generosity and grace. In the accompanying Q&A, the Rev. Eugene Cho talks about the details of the merger and how his congregation, Quest Church, incorporated the traditions and gifts of an older church.