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It is logical to think that water will fix or bring health to dry land. But the conditions of the water and the land determine whether it will bring nourishment or ruin. Unsplash / Red Charlie

Victoria Atkinson White: When does a grant help an institution?

Before submitting a grant proposal, consider whether it is the right grant for the right organization at the right time, writes Leadership Education’s managing director of grants.

Edgar Villanueva, vice president of programs and advocacy at the Schott Foundation for Public Education, uses the indigenous idea of "money as medicine" as a guide to dismantling colonialism. Photo courtesy of Edgar Villaneuva

Edgar Villanueva: Churches must reimagine their relationship with money

With over 15 years engaging in “social justice philanthropy,” an author and member of the Lumbee Tribe encourages faith communities to revitalize the ways that they approach money, wealth and philanthropy.

Bill and Melinda Gates meet a mother and child in Mapinga, Tanzania. (PRNewsFoto/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

Bill and Melinda Gates meet a mother and child in Mapinga, Tanzania.
Photo by Frederic Courbet (PRNewsFoto/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

L. Gregory Jones: Philanthropy, global citizens and hope

In reading the annual Gates letter, a theologian wonders: Is there a way to acknowledge the pessimists’ accurate rendering of reality and still retain an optimistic rendering of the future?