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Participants in programs at the Boston Faith & Justice Network are empowered to take concrete action, such as tending fields, to transform communities. Photos courtesy of BFJN

A justice network equips participants to live simply, give generously

Through various programs on economic discipleship, the Boston Faith & Justice Network is inspiring Christians to put biblical values into practice, including rethinking how they’re spending their time and money.

Female divers off the coast of Korea often hold their breath for several minutes at a time. When they emerge for air, they first exhale, emitting a distinctive cry, and then breathe in. Image from Times

Gretchen E. Ziegenhals: Singing the life-giving song of exhalation

Korean sea divers exhale before they inhale, modeling a crucial pattern for sustaining the Christian life: exhaling for rest before inhaling for work.

Sister Jane Meuse, Elandria Williams, Rachel Plattus and Sister Lorita Moffatt gather for conversation during a residency in which young adults lived at the Sisters of Mercy's convent to learn about their way of life. Photo courtesy of Nuns & Nones

Nuns & Nones brings together religiously unaffiliated young adults and Catholic sisters

A six-month convent residency in California gave a group of millennials a window into communal living and discipline.

Cover detail from "Tracking Down the Holy Ghost" by Frank T. Griswold

Gretchen E. Ziegenhals: A prayer to begin the day

An ancient prayer helps today’s Christian leaders remember that God is already with us in our work, blessing, guiding and teaching us, writes a managing director at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.