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More than 80 people took part in a pilgrimmage to commemorate Maryland’s constitutional end of chattel slavery, walking the "Trail of Souls" that included stops at Baltimore churches. Photo courtesy of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland

'400 years of tears' -- how three churches in the present are beginning to atone for the past

Faith communities should be careful and thoughtful as they repent of this nation’s original sin, but they must move ahead with the work.

A portion of the North Star window at Chicago's New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church. It represents the great migration of African Americans leaving the South and includes images of the church's longest-serving pastors. Photo by Eric Allix Rogers

Proclaiming the liberation narrative of God through church art

A Chicago church has installed a trio of stained-glass windows to help its members reclaim their past, honor their present and look ahead to their future.