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Kara K. Root: The true wisdom

Underneath and behind and inside everything is a deeper wisdom and reality, the heartbeat that keeps the whole world alive: We belong to God; we belong to each other. Let it pulse through you. Let it bring you back to life, says a Minnesota pastor in this sermon.

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Ken Shigematsu: God is at work

We work hard, but we also sleep, because God gives to us, his beloved, while we sleep; we invest, but we also rest, because God is at work while we rest, says the senior pastor of Tenth Church in Vancouver, British Columbia, in this sermon.

Leanne Van Dyk

Photo courtesy of Columbia Theological Seminary

Leanne Van Dyk: Welcome one another

At her inauguration as president of Columbia Theological Seminary, Van Dyk said the admonition to welcome one another in Romans 15 must spur us on to deeper faithfulness to the costly and difficult work of welcome.

Robert E. Lee stained glass window in the National Cathedral

After the Charleston shootings, the Very Rev. Gary R. Hall called for Washington National Cathedral to remove windows honoring Confederate generals Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson and Robert E. Lee that contain images of the Confederate flag.

Gary R. Hall: Following Jesus will always be a minority enterprise

Following Jesus entails some risk. It means signing on to some values that push deeply against the culture, says the dean of Washington National Cathedral.

Plaque at the Emanuel AME Church

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William H. Lamar IV: Let us go to the other side

Faith and fear have always been intertwined in the Christian imagination, and our continued failure to reckon with it can only lead to continued violence, the pastor of Metropolitan AME Church says in this sermon.