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Luke Powery: Unless the Lord

Psalm 127 is rooted in a fundamental trust in God rather than trust in our own anxious toil. Our work can then become an act of trust, not arrogance, says the dean of Duke Chapel.

Christi O. Brown: Making mud pies

When faced with desperate situations -- like some people in Haiti, who literally eat dirt because there is nothing else -- remember that God promises deliverance from exile and renewal in the transformation of the new creation in Christ.

Samuel Wells: Turning all into alleluia

Theologian John Calvin described the ministry of Christ as a threefold office: prophet, priest and king. The former dean of Duke University Chapel explores what it might mean for an artist to exercise these three roles and fundamentally construct acts of worship.

Scars of hope

Everyone has scars and scar stories that are reminders of our wounds. But the scars of Christ are scars of hope, signs that God is with us through all things, says Christi O. Brown.

Hemmed in

We are searched and besieged by God -- which is a fearful and wonderful thing, says Jeremy Troxler.