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Young adults at dinner party

Young adults from Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto gather for a wine tasting, one of the activities that the synagogue offered to engage the next generation in temple life.
Photo courtesy of Temple Sinai Congregation of Toronto

Communities of Practice connect young Jewish adults to synagogues

An initiative across the Reform movement sparked innovative ideas to engage millennial Jews in institutional religious life.

Children at a party

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, a global Nigerian Pentecostal ministry in Brooklyn, is reaching out to the next generation in a fresh way.
Photo courtesy of Mark Gornik

Mark R. Gornik and Geomon K. George: Passing down the faith in the new immigrant church

Their faith survived the journey to America, but will it continue in the next generation? Across New York City, immigrant churches are engaging young people, offering lessons for all churches in how to hand down the faith, say researchers at City Seminary of New York.

Kevah Teaching Fellowship cohort

Kevah supports small group learning by matching interested groups of people with trained Jewish educators. Some of these teachers are trained by Kevah, others already are professionals. Here the Kevah teaching fellowship cohort gathers with Kevah founder Sara Bamberger (in red headscarf) and Rabbi David Kasher (right front).
Photos by Laura Turbow

Kevah offers a DIY approach to Jewish millennials

A startup in California has adapted the small group model to Jewish life, offering support for people to study ancient texts in community. The approach is attracting both young and old, the unaffiliated as well as synagogue members.

The music and message at Charlotte/One gatherings are carefully chosen to appeal to 20- and 30-somethings. Photos courtesy of Charlotte/One

Gateway to church for young adults

Charlotte/One is a ministry in North Carolina’s largest city that brings together 20- and 30-year-olds with the intention of losing them -- to local churches.