Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • CoE backs women bishops
  • Francis & the environment
  • Clergy not required at Indiana weddings
  • Atheist invocations
  • Tutu backs 'assisted dying' bill
  • How to make up

Church of England General Synod backs women bishopsBBC: The Church of England has voted to allow women to become bishops for the first time in its history.

Pope Francis's radical environmentalismThe Atlantic: Exploiting the earth "is our sin," the pontiff says.

Indiana marriage law is discriminatory, US court says in ruling for humanistsChristian Science Monitor: In a significant victory for nonreligious Americans, appeals court orders Indiana to allow secular humanists to officiate at weddings despite a state law barring them from performing nuptials.

Supreme Court ruling on public invocations gives atheists a prayerWall Street Journal: Nonbelievers deliver invocations at public meetings; next up, Pastafarians.

Desmond Tutu backs Britain's 'assisted dying' billNPR: Retired Anglican bishop Desmond Tutu, who describes as "disgraceful" the way Nelson Mandela was treated in his last, enfeebled days, has thrown his support behind a British assisted-dying bill.

The Spark

The best way to make up after any argumentYou had an argument with someone you love. Now what? There is a definite wrong way to make up and go forward after a fight, the Wall Street Journal reports: Apologize quickly and move on. Instead, address the underlying issue.

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