Tuesday's News & Ideas - 10/6/2020

  • Greg Laurie tests positive
  • Evangelical vote fracturing?
  • Discrimination against Muslims
  • Refugee cuts’ longterm effects
  • Inquiry into C of E’s childcare
  • An ancient town submerged

Trump evangelical advisers exposed to COVID-19 flout CDC guidelines, preach in public
Religion News Service: At least two faith leaders, including megachurch pastor Greg Laurie, have tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a White House Rose Garden ceremony and a separate evangelical gathering in Washington, D.C.
Politico: Riverside megachurch pastor who attended White House event contracts Covid-19

Evangelical vote, once solid for Trump, shows fractures
Houston Public Media: The evangelical Protestant community, which makes up nearly one out of every three Texans, remains largely in President Donald Trump’s corner -- but there are signs of generational division that could hurt Republicans.

Why Muslims experience more discrimination than other faith groups in America
Deseret News: A new study found Muslims experience up to eight times the discrimination that other religious people do at airports, job interviews and other settings

Trump’s presidency will impact refugees long after he leaves office
HuffPost: Even if Trump loses the election in November, it won’t be easy to rebuild the programs and sift through backlogs caused by his administration.

C of E bishops should lose responsibility for safeguarding children, says inquiry
The Guardian: Damning report says church protected its reputation above its ‘explicit moral purpose.’

The Spark

An ancient town submerged: Hasankeyf underwater
The Atlantic collected images* from the past year as Hasankeyf was slowly engulfed by the rising Tigris River.

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