Tuesday's News & Ideas - 10/8/2019

  • Evolving Faith gathering welcomes 'spiritual refugees'
  • Remembering a race massacre
  • Cory Booker's Yom Kippur prayer
  • The battle for Poland's soul
  • Innovation from within
  • Why I don't hunt anymore

Evolving Faith conference offers evangelical ‘refugees’ shelter
Religion News Service: Sarah Bessey and the late Rachel Held Evans co-founded the Evolving Faith conference, which is aimed at “wanderers, wonderers, and spiritual refugees.” The gathering became in part a consolation for readers, friends and devotees of Evans, who died in May at 37.

Want to truly memorialize a 100-year-old race massacre? Let the people see the truth
Baptist News Global: Elaine, Arkansas, remains a place of hostile segregation, economic inequality, shuttered schools and businesses. Many black people, descendants of the 1919 massacre, still feel unsafe discussing the horrors of a century ago. This is not a site of settled reconciliation, write Wendell Griffen and Lauri Umanski.

The Yom Kippur prayer on Cory Booker’s llps*
New York Times: Raised in the black Baptist church, Booker has proudly spoken of his Christian faith. He has been just as outspoken in his pride about his Jewish knowledge, quoting Hebrew phrases and Talmudic passages with as much frequency as verses from the Christian Bible.
New York Post: What Christians can learn from Jews about atonement

Family, faith, flag: the religious right and the battle for Poland’s soul
The Guardian: The rightwing Law and Justice party may be authoritarian and anti-LGBT, but its welfare programs have transformed the lives of low-income Poles.

A guide for intrapreneurs
Stanford Social Innovation Review: An excerpt from “Driving Innovation From Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs” examines how employees catalyze innovation from within organizations.

The Spark

Why I don’t hunt anymore
When I hunted the Southern woods as a boy, my first concern had little to do with what I might kill, writes author Charles Dodd White. The most important lesson from the camp was what I could learn from the trails and creek beds and swamp bottoms and how they provided a sufficiency that would be hard to express to anyone who had never experienced it for themselves.

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