Tuesday's News & Ideas - 11/10/2020

  • Whites tire of focus on racial justice
  • Bad information aided prelate's ascent
  • Trump evangelical advisor dies
  • Global religion restrictions rise
  • Self-compassion helps leaders
  • Conservatives value personal stories more than liberals do

Racial justice activists concerned that too many white Americans are tired of the conversation
Baptist News Global: Many Americans see little or no benefit in the heightened focus on racial injustice since the high-profile police killings of George Floyd and other Black Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, new polling reveals.

Vatican report concludes McCarrick’s ascent was aided by misleading accounts*
New York Times: In elevating the disgraced prelate, Pope John Paul II believed his denials about sexual misconduct and relied on “inaccurate and incomplete” testimony from bishops, an investigation says.

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., Trump evangelical advisor, has died
Religion News Service: Bishop Harry Jackson Jr., a prominent conservative pastor and evangelical adviser to President Donald Trump, has died, according to his church. Jackson, 66, died Monday.

In 2018, government restrictions on religion reach highest level globally in more than a decade
Pew Research Center: In 2018, the most recent full year for which data is available, the global median level of government restrictions on religion continued to climb, reaching an all-time high since Pew Research Center began tracking these trends in 2007. 

Self-compassion will make you a better leader
Harvard Business Review: Research shows that it increases your levels of emotional intelligence, resilience, integrity, and makes you more compassionate toward others, all of which improves your effectiveness as a leader. The authors offer several exercises for cultivating this skill, from short daily practices to tactics that help you shift your mindset.

The Spark

Conservatives value personal stories more than liberals do when evaluating scientific evidence
Conservatives tend to see expert evidence and personal experience as more equally legitimate than liberals, who put a lot more weight on the scientific perspective, a new study finds.