Tuesday's News & Ideas - 1/12/2021

  • Trump-supporting pastors’ sermons
  • Antiracism includes lament
  • Warnock’s blueprint
  • Pixar’s ‘soul’
  • River Jordan chapel holds mass
  • The development of fascism

Trump-supporting Christian leaders and their Sunday messages
Associated Press: On the first Sunday since a mob of his supporters seeking to overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s election stormed the U.S. Capitol and five people including a police officer died, the messages from the pulpits of Christian leaders who’ve backed Trump were as disparate as the opinions of the nation’s citizenry.

The theological work of antiracism needs to include lament
Christian Century: The Bible shows us what to do with our frustration, outrage, and complicity.

Warnock’s way*
Commonweal: A progressive, religious approach is a winning ticket.

Pixar adviser and theologian Suzan Johnson Cook on how they came to define ‘soul’ in the film
Religion News Service: ‘I'm a faith leader, so I wanted to make sure my definition wasn't too strong, and (Pixar's) definition wasn't too weak,’ the minister and former ambassador said.

Bullet-ridden chapel on River Jordan holds first mass since six-day war
The Guardian: Celebration at site where Jesus is believed to have been baptized held after over 1,000 landmines cleared.

The Spark

The American abyss
A historian of fascism and political atrocity writes for The New York Times on Trump, the mob and what comes next.*

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