Tuesday's News & Ideas - 1/19/2021

  • Faith leaders taking precautions
  • Virtual prayer services
  • Militant Christian nationalists
  • Christians using Jewish symbols
  • Case for mischief makers
  • Mutating coronavirus

Ahead of inauguration, faith leaders urge devotees in state capitols to take precautions
Religion News Service: “We strongly encourage you to be attendant to all safety concerns for ministers and congregations,” read a statement from the United Church of Christ.

Here’s where to pray (virtually) during inauguration week
Sojourners: As the Inauguration Day nears, one thing is clear: The U.S. needs as many prayers as possible. Here are places where you can pray virtually, both before and after new elected officials take office.

Militant Christian nationalists remain a potent force
NPR: With Joe Biden just days away from his inauguration as the nation’s president, Pastor Darryl Knappen was still denying reality and even declaring himself willing to take up arms to keep Donald Trump in office.

Why Christians keep appropriating Jewish ritual symbols
Vox: The difference between religious exchange and appropriation, according to a rabbi.

A case for mischief makers
Inside Higher Ed: Michael Stepniak and Brian Pertl urge deans and directors to take a risk during these tumultuous times and hire faculty and staff members who have a natural impulse to nudge against tradition.

The Spark

The coronavirus is evolving before our eyes
The virus is mutating as expected. We can still stop it, The Atlantic says.

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