Tuesday's News & Ideas - 1/21/2020

  • Replanting without old members?
  • Challenge of multicultural church
  • SCOTUS on school choice
  • Francis urges political discernment
  • Money & religious freedom
  • Producing a posthumous album

Best path to a younger flock? Church asks older members to worship elsewhere
Duluth News Tribune: Members of the Grove United Methodist Church are upset enough that their church is closing in June. What makes it worse is that their church is reopening in November -- pretty much without them.

Multiracial churches growing, but challenging for clergy of color
Religion News Service: Leaders who met at Mosaix Global Network’s Multiethnic Church Conference are part of a decades-long, still burgeoning movement to integrate Christian worship services.

Supreme Court battle over school choice may boost religious freedom
USA Today: The stakes are high for both sides in the national debate over public aid for religious schools.

Pope Francis urges bishops to teach Catholics discernment on voting and politics
America: Pope Francis told a group of U.S. bishops their job is to step back from partisan politics and help their faithful discern based on values.

Where virtue falls short, US envoy says money talks on religious freedom
Crux: While in the abstract it may seem the case for religious freedom and protecting vulnerable religious minorities ought to be based on virtue and morality, but something else is bringing governments around today: Cold, hard cash.

The Spark

‘Oh my God, he’s even better than I thought’
Producer Jon Brion tells Vulture about the gutting task* of completing Mac Miller’s final album after his sudden death.

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