Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Surprised by N.T. Wright
  • Losing a generation
  • Archbishop of Atlanta apologizes
  • Countercultural Pope Francis
  • Church of the Resurrection campaign
  • Living with the parents

Surprised by N.T. WrightChristianity Today: The Bible scholar's goal is to massively revise the way we talk about the Christian faith. By many accounts, he's already succeeded.

How evangelicals won a culture war and lost a generationCNN Belief blog: Evangelicalism is losing a generation to the culture wars, Rachel Held Evans says.

Archbishop apologizes for $2.2 million homeThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Bowing to critics, the Archbishop of Atlanta apologizes for a lapse in judgment that made him proceed with a new, $2.2 million home for himself.

Francis and his predecessorsThe American Prospect: Why the new pope's tenure may be less liberal but more countercultural than it seems.Commonwealth: A pope who reminds us of the church we know

Church of the Resurrection in Leawood looks for $60 million, finds $63.2 millionKansas City Star: The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection has surpassed its goal of raising $60 million in pledges to fund a new sanctuary and other improvements.

The Spark

Moving back in with your parents can be hilarious, painful -- and really usefulIn The (London) Guardian, writer Stuart Heritage says he owes his career to the time he spent living with his mum and dad in his mid-20s. So no wonder nearly 50 percent of young Europeans do it.

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