Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • That King David show no one's watching? It's good
  • Can you have spiritual maturity when you can't define it?
  • The US's countless Native American names contain stories we've forgotten

Men and GodThe Irish Times: Men are often afraid that being spiritual means putting aside all the things that make them men.

Unearthing potentialChristianity Today, Gifted for Leadership blog: Tips for how to look beneath the surface of what ‘is’ and help people explore what could be.

Kings of prime timeCity Journal: A modern reimagining of the story of David, NBC’s terrific new drama Kings has struggled with low ratings and rumors of early cancellation.

The struggle to define spiritual maturityThe Barna Group: New Barna study finds that many churchgoers and clergy struggle to articulate a basic understanding of spiritual maturity.

The Spark

What’s in an American Name?

Ever experienced the beauty of It Makes a Loud Noise Over There All the Time? Or visited At the Skunk Place? “Malibu” and “Chicago” are just two of the many Native American words that echo in the names of lakes, rivers, mountains, states, cities, and small towns across the United States. And as the National Geographic blog reports, each name has a story–sometimes full of linguistic twists and turns.