Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Downsizing as generative opportunity
  • Where goes the neighborhood?
  • Pope's visit to South Korea
  • LGBT & religion
  • How church helps gambling addicts
  • DC's 'me walls'

New church planting Part 2Daily Episcopalian: ECUSA should adapt an idea from Harvard professor Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot, who suggests that persons needing to downsize envision the change as a generative opportunity.

Where goes the neighborhood?Washington Post: E.J. Dionne Jr. says two important new books provide fresh thoughts about community in the United States and help explain why we are so divided in the first place.National Catholic Reporter: Rise of culture wars has meant ignoring the common good

Pope Francis heads to South Korea for first visit to AsiaWashington Post: Pope Francis's visit is set to be much greater than the sum of its parts.

LGBT Americans less likely to be religiousTime: One common explanation is that LGBT Americans may feel less welcome to participate in religious congregations or organizations.Tampa Bay Times: Tampa Baptist church cancels gay man's funeral

Betting on faith: How church helps gambling addictsDeseret News: Sociological research has shown that support for problem gamblers may be as close as the church down the street.

The Spark

In Washington, the 'me wall' still trumps the selfieWashington may be one of the last places on Earth that is resisting the challenge posed by Instagram, Twitter and the selfie, the Wall Street Journal reports. Here, the capital's reigning form of social media remains plaster and drywall covered in official grip-and-grin portraits -- towering monuments to self that resist the tide of technology.

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