Tuesday's News & Ideas

  • Authority & power
  • The last Episcopalians
  • An ordinary Jesus
  • Lessons from Mars Hill
  • China's underground churches
  • Ebola & past epidemics

The hidden curriculum at General Theological Seminary: On authority, power, and how they aren't the same thingPatheos: Authority, used effectively, is not about the acquisition or maintenance of power. It is about the conservation and enhancement of a creative space, Frederick Schmidt says.Daily Episcopalian: Where is Jesus?

The church vanishes, part deuxPatheos: If current rates of decline continue, America's last Episcopalian walks among us today, Philip Jenkins says.Christian Post: The decline of decline? Alarming rate of mainline Protestants leaving church may be slowing down

You need a more ordinary JesusChristianity Today: Will our lives be extraordinary? Most likely not. Most of his wasn't.

3 leadership lessons from Mark DriscollAlbany (N.Y.) Times-Union: The Rev. Alan Rudnick offers some lessons here that need to be learned because of the weight of poor leadership evidence.

Risen again: China's underground churchesTime: Photographer Kevin Frayer visits an unmarked church outside Beijing, where people worship quietly, but not covertly.

The Spark

Ebola and the epidemics of the pastJust a few generations ago, progress against infectious disease convinced Americans that modern medicine had won the battle against microbes. In the Wall Street Journal, historian David Oshinsky asks, why is the public so skeptical today?

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